Bienvenue à Eiffell!
Bienvenue à Eiffell!
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ℬella 4D Mascara
ℬella 4D Mascara
ℬella 4D Mascara
ℬella 4D Mascara
ℬella 4D Mascara
ℬella 4D Mascara
ℬella 4D Mascara
ℬella 4D Mascara

ℬella 4D Mascara

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 Time to say goodbye to stubby lashes and hello to UNBELIEVABLY REAL LENGTH and VOLUME with our professional formula!
ℬella 4D Mascara
 can boost your lashes to look like never before! See an increase in average length and volume with your first coat—and you don’t have to stop there.
Whether you’re feeling subtle or sassy, defiant or classy, the ℬella 4D Mascara
 will help you go wherever your mood takes you. 

"Life is Short, Your Lashes Shouldn't Be" 

The Thick 
The silicone head is soft and firm.
Fibre manufacturing high elastic mascara curve.
Brush out long thick eyelashes.

Roll Become Wrapped
New silicon brush head.
Easy to brush.
Stunning roll-up effect.

The fibres on the head of the brush vary in length.
Touch each eyelash evenly.
Feather eyelash long.

Contains multiple nourishing repair ingredients.
Deeply nourish eyelashes.
Protect eyelashes.

"It Is The Perfect Solution For The Most Common Mascara Problems"

Smudges and Fall-Out.

Avoid annoying mascara stamps on your browbone and under the eyes with this long-wearing formula, which contains silicone and minerals to help the formula dry faster and stay put longer.

Stiff Lashes.

Hard, stiff lashes are usually a sign of dry lashes, this mascara swapped with a formula that made of natural conditioning ingredients, which combines organic palm, aloe vera, and sunflower extracts to give your tiny precious hairs some extra TLC. The results? Fuller and darker lashes with a decidedly touchable feel.


Mascaras with a higher concentration of waxes and oils, tend to attach better to your natural hairs, making them less likely to sprinkle unwanted pigment on your face. 
For even better results, apply one coat and wait until your lashes are a little sticky (not wet) before putting on your second coat.

 It’s All Gone by the End of the Day.

Save the waterproof formulas for pool parties—they can be tough to remove, thus, not the best option for everyday use. Instead, make sure your mascara stays on all day (and night) by choosing a formula like ℬella mascara which hugs your lashes thanks to long wearing ingredients like beeswax and paraffin. Just a coat (or two!) guarantees supersized lashes from start to finish.


 Since the dyes used in them are more likely to irritate your delicate eye area. We love the ℬella mascara—its gentle formula gives you plusher and bolder eyelashes without itchy side effects.


Choose one like ℬella mascara which gives you soft lashes (courtesy of beeswax and glycerin) and a clump-free finish thanks to a brush that evenly distributes the formula from root to tip. Our trick: Make sure you gently wiggle the wand as you swipe it on.


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