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Bee Venom Patch
Bee Venom Patch
Bee Venom Patch
Bee Venom Patch
Bee Venom Patch
Bee Venom Patch
Bee Venom Patch

Bee Venom Patch

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The BEST NATURAL SOLUTION for neck, body, shoulder, joint and back pains. Formulated of the bee stingers and releases the venom, BEE VENOM PATCH benefits you INSTANTLY by relieving backaches through its warming and anti-inflammatory properties. 


    • Containing a healing blend of herbal oil for your lympathic healthy
    • it boosts detoxification
    • the removal of excessive fluids
    • functions as a muscle relaxer


    😍 This Amazing Treatment with Extraordinary Formulation is the Most Effective Solution for Backaches! 😍

    Back Pain Relief

    National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) stated that the Bee Venom Ptach recommends it as the most treatment option. 

    • It can absorb the pain areas, especially in your body by release the heat of bee stingers instantly by use hyaluronic acid which transform into the gel of the patch. 
    • The action of chemical peel would allow greater penetration of the bee venom into the dermis, where wound healing can be activated!
    • This is because the inclusion of other active ingredients like Niacinamide, Retinol or Vitamin C in your body will make a much more significant impact and a positive difference in the longevity of your pain areas. 



    Lowering blood pressure

    • University of Pennsylvania’s School of Medicine has found the toxin in the honeybee venom to crucial potassium channels responsible for salt regulation in the kidneys.
    • Tertiapin blocks specific ion channels which allow potassium to enter cells. 
    • Blocking these channels in the kidneys would allow excess salt to be eliminated in a waste instead of being reabsorbed.
    • It immediately stimulates blood circulation in the affected area. The initial effect is warm and soothing that will be easily applied to the skin. 



    • Swedish Medical Centre states that the most prevalent ingredients possess anti-inflammatory properties and could help to reduce inflammation in the body. It possesses radioprotective, anti-mutagenic, anti-nociceptive anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory activities.



      • With about 65 million Americans suffering from back pain, it's the second most common reason for medical visits. 
      • Statistics prove that a back problem is a common experience amongst people in the U.S and is a widespread reason for which professional healthcare advice is sought.



      Bee stinger, Bee Venom, Bee venom-melitin, adolapin, apamin.

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